If I Could See…

If only I could see what would happen if I did go through with it.  If only I could know the ultimate outcome of a decision before I made it.  That’s what being alive is about.  It is the uncertainty, the knot in the gut, the fear and unknowing that is why we are here.

In the course of my reading, I’ve come across more than one depiction of what the “afterlife” may be like.  One in particular stands out.  The author describes being in a beautiful place that resonates with what we’ve come to believe is heaven.  We are assigned a teacher who goes over our life on earth with us, showing us all those decisions we made that altered our course and how close we really were to accomplishing what we came to earth for.

As I thought about it, I recalled something else I read, basically If you believe it is then it is.  So whatever you think you are inspired to do, be it write a book or song, paint a picture, or teach something you love, stay with it, see it as being done and voila! It is.



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