Each morning I spend about 10 minutes reading my Facebook posts.  The only reason is that the majority of the posts I receive are from supportive/motivational sources.  Each day I get energized by many of the posts and more often than not there are answers to the questions I have about my life.  Yesterday was a perfect example.  It’s all too easy to focus on a problem when it arises.  First, the thought of how am I ever going to take care of this or what will happen if I’m not able to take care of it.  For me this usually is about finances.  A bill is due and I don’t see the means to pay it.  Thankfully, I was reminded by an Abraham-Hicks posting that explained that focusing on the problem gives energy to the problem whereas focusing on a solution gives energy to the solution.  As I read it and began to shift my thinking to the possibilities that could happen, a solution came to mind.  Once the that happened, I began moving toward making it happen.  As that was happening, some other solutions appeared and just that quickly, the problem was no longer a problem.  As I write my intentions and gratitude daily, I see more clearly and feel more abundant in all areas of my life.





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