Physics vs. Quantum Physics

Talk to or read a physics expert and they can explain all those laws that govern matter.  They can tell you about gravity, resistance, and even Newtonian energy.  You can learn many effects that are visible to the eye.  I started reading a physics book out of curiosity and was puzzled at many of the conclusions made.  The biggest was the authors statement that as a physics professor, he had to see it to believe it therefore he did not believe in a higher power he could not see or measure with some equation.  What puzzled me most about this statement was that everything he talked about couldn’t be seen in and of itself.  The effect is seen, such as gravity.  We know the earth rotates and there is gravity that keeps us on the ground but only the effect is seen not “gravity”.

Talk to or read a quantum physics expert and you will get a myriad of theories trying to explain what goes on behind everything.  It is all about the unseen.  In quantum physics everything is energy vibrating at a frequency, most of which we can’t even measure.  Even though quantum physicists (and some physicists) believe in some sort of “consciousness”, they arbitrarily dismiss the idea that faith, beliefs and thoughts are what really create life as we know it.

When I sit down and think about the events that have occurred in my life, I see the connection as plain as day.  I can recall much of what I was thinking that created the events.  Now that I am aware, I am more deliberate about what I think.  I look for positive thoughts about what I want and they soon appear in my life.




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