Looking For The Big Bang

Ah, the lessons we learn when we least expect it.  I, like the majority of people who find themselves in dire and stressful situations, always look for the one big solution.  Sometimes it comes, but in my experience not usually.  That leaves us with a choice (imagine that) to either confront the situation with honesty and deal with it, or try to run away from it.  The latter never really works, especially when it comes to finances.  I admit that is what I did in the past.  Since awakening to the reality of the universe and how we fit in it, I thought I knew what to do.  The words, “Dream Big”, or “Act with faith” resonated with me loud and clear.  I had no problem dreaming big, the new house, car, or relationship.  I thought I was always acting in faith when I bought the lottery tickets to get the money to pay those debts.  I thought it was faith when I just ignored the bill I couldn’t pay, saying something will turn up.  Thankfully, it finally dawned on me.  When they talk about taking steps, you can’t stop taking steps.  As long as you keep moving in a direction, everything will fall into place, a little at a time.  Till you’re ready to handle the new situation.  There can be no instant solving of problems.  That would contradict the idea of a journey.  You can never get from one side of country to the other side with just one or two steps.  Just one step at a time, repeatedly, will get you there.




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