The Connection of 3

In my last post (3 Sides Not 2), I alluded to all situations having 3 sides instead of 2.  After reading and studying a bit further I have found another revelation pertaining to the number 3.  In my studies I came across a lesson that described mankind having a higher and lower self.  The higher being our spiritual and lower being our physical, however, I believe there is a missing piece.  We have all been exposed to the reference of spiritual,  mental, and physical or conscious, subconscious and superconscious.  I believe that our mental self is the conduit (like) that provides the connection between the higher and lower selves.  Without the mental capability to recognize we have a spirit we would just function mindlessly based on perceived stimuli.  There is support for this in spiritual texts like the Bible referring to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  I believe we are all born with the intuition that we are more than just a physical being and it’s in our mind.  I also believe that every person comes to face that at some point in their life be it from a teaching, a life changing event or even at the point of death.  Once it is fully accepted, like a muscle that’s exercised, in time that connection grows stronger until our higher self becomes more visible.



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