3 Sides not 2

Have you ever wondered why the pyramids have 3 sides?  In all that I’ve read, I never came across any reason other than having to do with the afterlife.  It occurred to me that maybe it is a sign that has to do with the living.  You see, we have all been brought up to look at things in 2 sides, pro/con, for/against etc…  But as I continue to look at things I see there is a third side to everything.  We don’t have to be either for or against, there is a neutral position and that position is the key to harmony.  It’s not always about being positive but removing yourself from the opinion of the situation.  I don’t know how many times I’ve been brought into a discussion about something or someone and was expected to take a side, but inside I could feel that they or it was neither right or wrong.  I’ve come to the conclusion that this is where the acceptance of what is lies.  This is where we can move our attention to ourselves and be happiest.  If we no longer gave attention to those things that happen to others and focus on our experiences and lessons, we are truly free.  I find myself doing this more and miraculous things are happening.



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