Be the Artist You Are

We are all born with a “right and left brain”.  The left is predominantly logic and reason while the right is artistic and creative.  As we gain more skill in what we do, the performing part becomes more artistic.  For example, A CPA is good with numbers and filling out forms but as they become more skillful and adept they soon are able to see and feel things on a different level.  They become able to look at a persons return and just know the best possible way to file their return.  They perform the tasks with ease and confidence.  They are now artistic in their work.  Another example is a musician who learns to play an instrument.  They learn to read the music then play the corresponding notes on the instrument.  As they continue to play and develop skill they began to inject feeling into the playing the music and thus go from just a musician to artist.

To learn, practice and become is life.  It is what makes living so enjoyable.  When you become what you want, share it and repeat as often as you like.



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