Taking Time

It’s such a cliché, “Take the time to…” but have you ever really tried to take time for something?  I don’t know if it’s just me but I seem to have a hard time being able to take time for much of anything I really want.  Between work, attending to the wants of a wife, transporting my step-daughter and her children until she gets her car, it seems nearly impossible to actually do something.  I get the inspiration to do something and as I get myself ready, the phone rings and the all too familiar “Can you do me a favor?” is heard.  I realize that it is my choice whether to say yes or no but the consequence of denying a favor to whoever may be more sufferable than just getting it over with.  I do know that I have an abundance of stored ideas that when the time is right will flow out of me like a broken fire hydrant.  Until then I will keep looking for the positive aspect of every situation and take what time I can.




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