Fairy Tales…..Part 1

Once upon a time there lived a little boy and girl in a small village.  The son and daughter of a farmer, they would get up each morning, do their chores then go out to the fields and play.  They heard their parents talk of a dragon but never paid attention, just played.  One day the parents took the children with them to the village.  While the parents went in to the various shops to purchase supplies, the children walked up and down the one main road through the village.  Upon reaching the very end of the village there was an old hut with an old man sitting outside.  Curious as children are they walked up to the man and asked him about the dragon everyone talked about but they had never seen.  The wise old man smiled and asked the children to sit while he told them about the dragon and why they never saw it.  “The dragon is whatever a person fears.”

“But what is there to fear? asked the little girl.

Chuckling out loud, the wise old man replied, “Exactly, there is nothing to fear but many grownups believe there is and so the dragon appears to them.  Most children like yourselves don’t know fear so the dragon can’t hurt you.”

The children’s parents soon came and took the children to return home but before they left the old man told them, “I enjoyed our talk very much, feel free to come visit me anytime.”

With that, the children and their parents returned to their home.  The children wouldn’t see the old man again for 5 years, when the two would become teenagers……




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