Conscious and Aware

Have you ever read something many times without even noticing then all of a sudden, one day it just pops out at you?  I certainly have and will probably continue to do but at least this one time I really felt something.  In many of my readings I would see the words “consciousness” and “awareness” used almost interchangeably, but yesterday it dawned upon me or just came to me that there is a slight but significant difference.  Think of all those doctor shows where everyone is around the bed where a loved one lies unconscious then they wake up.  They are now “conscious” but don’t recognize or remember fully.  It is not until they are “aware” of who, what, where, when and why that everything becomes clearer.  The same is true for us.  We first become conscious of our spiritual existence but it is when we become aware of the connection and begin to feel it and understand the who, what, where, when and why of everything, then we truly know.





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