Find a Light

Sometimes in life we get a little lost in our own darkness.  It may be a desire or a situation we just can’t seem to see our way out of.  We can find some peace in meditation, gratitude and any other activity we love and that works for a while until we find ourselves in that place again.  As an avid reader of positive, spiritual, and enlightening materials, I can always pull some reason for it from mental knowledge.  But the real truth lies deep within me.  What we want isn’t always what we want.  It is an oxymoron, I know, but many things I thought I wanted and made plans, vision boards and affirmations about just didn’t resonate with me and soon I would be back to square one.  It finally dawned on me that the only way to conquer darkness is with light.  I had to find a light, a spark that makes me feel good and good about myself.  I am a work in progress but a little light goes a long way and I am seeing that much of what I truly want, I’ve been resisting and much of what I thought I wanted was what I was chasing.  Well, I’m happy to say the chase is over and now I am content to allow what I truly want to come to me thanks to a little light in my soul.




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