It’s been quite a while since my last post.  I have discovered that we sometimes get overwhelmed by distractions.  I know there are those who seem to easily glide through them but I am not one, at least not yet.  In the midst of all that has happened, I’ve found some important clues as to why it happened and how to move forward.  Life is energy and when we allow ourselves to be drained of the positive energy we are, we soon start to lose sight of what we are trying to do.  Just like a battery, we need to be recharged.  That may be by getting away alone or let ourselves become immersed in an activity that boosts our vibration.  For me, it was learning to let go of the situation.  Releasing the fear, frustration and negative thoughts.  As I began to do that, the universe provided me with information from spiritual sources that not only informed me but enlightened me, gave me back the hope, desire and purpose I misplaced.  Questions were answered and now it’s game on, again.  As with all that happens to us, it was necessary for me learn.  I now understand that recharging is a daily habit and when done will carry me through eternally.




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