Uncomfortable and Happy

It has been a while since my last post.  I’ve been experiencing some things both comfortable and uncomfortable.  I was lead to the book “the top ten things dead people want to tell you” by Mike Dooley.  Let me first say that this is a life changing book.  There are many ideas and concepts to help anyone in their spiritual learning no matter if just beginning or having been at it for a long time.  Reading the book was just a beginning because it lead me to an awakening about my life.  Have you ever wondered why people like scary movies? or why anyone would skydive? or do anything thrilling?  Well, it’s because that is our nature.  To live on the edge and experience, be uncomfortable.  Not all experiencing is thrill seeking, what about relationships?  Do you or have you settled into a relationship because it is comfortable?  What about that job?  Do you do things with and for others simply because you’re more afraid to say no?  Fear can be about failure or success.  It is the fear of success that scares us most because that is where being uncomfortable dwells.  You may be in a rocky relationship, not really happy but would rather stay because it’s better than being single.  Be single, develop the relationship with yourself first and then the best relationship will come to you.  Quit the job and pursue your dream and then the dream comes to you.  Most of all, live on the edge and feel that uncomfortable feeling and know that now you are truly living.




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