The Tides of Life

How could I have been so blind to all the clues?  The answers to every burning question is there, in nature itself.  Take the tides, for example.  There is the high tide and the low tide.  Both influenced by the moon.  And just like the tides, our lives have the same ebb and flow.  We have times of plenty (high tide) and times of less (low tide).  And just like the tides, both the highs and lows are never exact.  Some of the high tides are more than others and likewise with the low tides.   And if you were to keep a close record, you’d probably see a pattern emerge as to when they occur (hint, look to the moon and stars).  Another part of the phenomena is the tsunami (tidal wave).  The larger the wave approaching the coast, the more water is drawn out before it lands.  Doesn’t it always seem to be that we seem to be at our lowest, or have the least right before we receive something magnificent.  I knew I was intrigued with the ocean for a reason.



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