Deliberate Evolution Pt.2

Acceptance and Forgiveness

Once we begin to explore our spiritual nature and become consciously aware of what we truly are we have to come to terms with our past.  For me, it was mindblowing when I realized that everything I’d been through was necessary and my choice to get me to today.  Acceptance is the awareness that we are responsible wholly or in part for everything that happens in our lives.  We are conditioned to place blame, usually on someone else or some circumstance in order to justify our actions or conditions.  Once I began to accept all that I had done, I began to feel the power within me.  Like I say so often, it does take time, but as you accept more and more about yourself, you also begin to feel better as if little by little weight is lifted.  At the same time you start accepting, you’ll need to forgive yourself and others for their part in everything.  We often say we forgive but we know down deep it’s not that easy.  Especially for ourselves.  This takes a lot of time and a lot of reflection.   These are not exercises that can be done a a periodic basis, these are habits to be developed and incorporated into our very existence.  And again as you do this you’ll feel the burdens that have accumulated over time being lifted from your soul.













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