As it happens all too often, when we’re in the middle of a hectic day seeing to the needs of others, we want, no, crave, solitude.  That magical time when we are alone to think and do whatever pleases us.  Then we get it and do some things we wanted but before long we find ourselves looking around trying to find something to do.  We sit at the computer and play solitaire, mah-jongh, and/or crosswords (or some other game to escape).  We begin to crave company, someone we can talk to.  Why?  As it happens often (at least to me), the answer came from the universe.  We (I) have spent so much of my life tending to others that I’d forgotten about me.  I liked to think I didn’t but the truth was there.  We are constantly fed the line(s) about not having idle time, you got to stay busy, don’t waste a moment, etc…

The truth is that time is irrelevant to a spirit.  Being alone is refreshing to our souls.  It also takes practice.  As we do this more, the more clear our lives become.  I for one am excited to get the chance to do this as often as I can, without distractions.  I know it will happen simply because it is my will and thought.

Peace Forever,



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