No More Formulas

Let me start by giving thanks to all the wonderful people who share their methods and strategies for success.  The intentions are noble and well meant.  Having said that, I would like to propose a new way of viewing success.  First of all, success is different to each individual.  My success is my own creation.  There are a plethora of actions that can help each person in their quest, (i.e. meditation, yoga, vision boards, subliminal messaging, etc.).  The truth is that while an individual can share what they did, it does not always resonate with someone else, (harmonic vibrations?).  I have decided to simply find those activities that resonate with me and I want to do.  In that alone, I am successful.  Go forth and find yours and you too will have already achieved success.




2 thoughts on “No More Formulas

  1. It can take years for someone to realize that they need to “do them”. The abundance of advice out there, the how-to’s, the articles about traditions, and the well meaning friends and fellow walkers of your path (who mean well, they really do lol) can be so overwhelming when you try to follow everything. And then, in the end when nothing works, you feel like a failure and like you can’t do anything right. It takes only one moment of self-realization to understand that you need to find your own way on your path. It is great to make a mark on your spiritual map of the advice you have been given, like a post on a mountain hiking path showing where it deviates or how far you have come, or where you are going next, but it is not necessary to take that turn onto the new path – just make sure you remember where it is in case you need that information in the future. Your post rings so true for me at this time, because I am coming to a place where I can see that I need to start “doing me” instead of taking every last piece of advice and information to heart and trying to change myself and my path. Thank you ❤


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