Create Inspiration

I recently discovered something about myself I didn’t like.  I am great at learning and doing new things up to the point I need to stretch myself to go further.  Sometimes it is needing something tangible to go on and sometimes it is practice I should do to go on.  In both cases I allow myself to lose my zeal and move to something else.  After much thought as to why I do this I found that my inspiration is gone.  So how do I get it back?  Ah, yes, that’s what vision boards and note cards are for.  I also came to realize that I am struggling with time and am trying to do too many things without finishing what I start.  So now that I have an answer, it is my commitment to finding that one thing I want to do first and finish it.  I will do that by creating the inspiration I need to go on.  As everything in life does, it starts inside me and “I am the master of my fate.”

Blessed Be,




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