Make a Path

A few years ago I decided to find myself and be who I am.  We all do it, sometimes more than once.  Even with that conscious decision I found myself struggling with subconscious beliefs that keep me from truly expressing myself.  So how do I get past it?  The first step is to recognize it.  When you are aware you’ll feel it.  Like when you get the urge to do something different and maybe a little out there but you stop short and start dwelling on the consequences.  That is a programmed fear coming from your subconscious.  To be clear, I’m not talking about doing anything harmful to yourself or anyone else, but something that others might say “That’s not you.”  The truth is what you decide.  If you desire it there must be a reason.  First, accept that it is you and then make your own path.  If your friends and family support you, great, if not, then maybe it’s time to let them go.  Second, feel as though it’s already happened and be grateful.  Life is a journey of learning and experience.  If we deny ourselves the experience, how can we possibly learn?

Blessed Be,




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