Getting Clearer

Of all the things I’ve been learning, the most important at this time is how to get clear.  Everything that happens, happens for a reason.  The signs are always showing something new or reiterating something I should have paid attention to before.  I thought I knew what it meant to be clear but I recently found that I didn’t.  Conscious thoughts come and go like a fast moving river but it is only when I tap into my subconscious I see the truth of desire.  I’ve learned in order to get to that point I must let everything else go.  Focus is an understatement and following my emotions is crucial.  I am a happy person because I want to be.  I enjoy all the things that stimulate my imagination but when I just drift with it I lose momentum in my quest.  The bottom line is simple, when constructing a dream, details are important.  It’s more than the picture in your mind, it’s the satisfaction of a longing you’ve always had.  And for me it’s something I’ve carried over from a previous life.  I know this and feel it in my soul.

It is my intent to share what I’ve learned but the most important duty we have to ourselves is to seek out the answers for ourselves.

Blessed Be,



2 thoughts on “Getting Clearer

  1. Thank you, Gabriel. Your post is a reminder to me and i must read several posts like yours daily as a constant reminder that everything happens for a reason…


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