Be an Imposition

When we think of imposition, we think we’re taking advantage of someone else.  But the truth is that in order to be ourselves we need to impose our desires.  Recently I learned that by imposing my need to walk away from negative energy in a room, others began to accept it and now understand and support it.  At first there were the comments about running away and avoiding the situation but now they simply let me go.  It is my belief in the power of an individuals attention to him/her self that rises above those who wish they could.  I use this wondrous gift to create that which I desire.  I can’t and don’t want to control others but I want what I want and if my harmonic suggestions influence them it is because they allow it.

“In this circle around a fire                                                                                               Release the power of my desire                                                                                     Bring forth the image I have seen                                                                                 What will be has always been”

Blessed Be



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