Don’t Slay the Dragon

The day started just right.  There was happiness in the air, anything was possible.  As I glided through the morning without a care, I could see endless possibilities.  All my wishes coming true.  Then came the afternoon.  As quickly as a light being turned off, the chaos erupted.  She came home.  Not in a bad way, she was upbeat, it is just her.  I tried to focus on the positive events of the morning and stay my course but in one brief conversation, a simple reply, she unleashed my dragon.  That one desire that doesn’t serve anything or anyone but itself.  The forbidden apple, I just couldn’t get it out of my mind.  I frantically searched for a way to slay that dragon, get rid of it, but then I realized I was the dragon or at least a part of me is.  After finding some relief in the middle of the night, I saw clearly.  I don’t need to slay the dragon, I need to make it my pet.  Since it is me and I am it, I will control it, nurture it, and release it when I want and reign it in when I’m done.


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