Get Naked

We are born naked.  We are then taught to stay clothed except for bathing and sex.  We know it is against our nature but we’ve been conditioned to be ashamed and afraid to let anyone see our true selves.  We are so conditioned that we spend millions of dollars on clothing to cover ourselves yet believe we are expressing who we are.  Of course we cannot realistically just give up on clothing and start walking around in public.  But we can be aware and observe how it affects us being us.  I know that I have reached a point where I am no longer ashamed of my physical nature and desire to show the world who I am but am not ready to deal with the consequence.  So I will simply do what I can when I can and where I can.

There is the metaphorical side to this.  From birth we are conditioned to certain social concepts and expectations until we realize that we didn’t come with them.  And just like the physical side we desire to shed them and show the world who we really are.  So get naked anyway you can and be who you really are.

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust




One thought on “Get Naked

  1. a naked soul, covered with the light of Christ Jesus is beauty beyond compare…
    it is not our physical body that is to be naked; it is our soul and our glorious garment is Christ “We put on the armor of light…we put on the Lord Jesus Christ (LJC: my label)
    a naked body with a darkened soul is what happened with the greatest deception through subtle lies, trickery; resulting in a world of hurt, suffering and manipulation…the emperor’s new clothes
    I fell for it…I fell…I hurt…I suffered…I despaired of life…I tried it all…
    God found me
    Jesus took it all
    Now I have all he was given…and more! The impossible is possible with Christ!
    God bless you!


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