The Other Lesson

It’s December and since the day after Thanksgiving, all attention has been given to Christmas.  Aside from the gift giving (and buying) and the religious banter about it’s true meaning, there is an overlooked lesson in all of this.  I’m talking about being consumed withit.  Yes, I know it’s a day of giving and family celebration but why do we save all this energy and goodwill for just one day (or season)?  We become consumed with the constant reminding by the media and people saying “merry Christmas” or the politically correct “Happy Holidays”.   I was raised in a Christian home and of course it was emphasized as the birth of Jesus but I have come to understand more about me and the true nature of this day.  It is just that, a day in the life.  To be cherished as every day in this life should be.  We should give no more or less energy to it than today.

Blessed Be




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