Lights, Camera, Action….

As I wrote in my journal this morning I started thinking about why I let life get in the way of my writing.  I only thought about it because it had been two days since I wrote in it.  And as always the answer was there, I stopped following my script and ad libbed.  Oh yes, my life is scripted.  Each time I think about what I want to do, I am putting a script into place.  As I am learning, instead of jumping into a scene without reviewing the script I should be taking that moment to edit, adjust and rewrite.  That is where flow begins to take place.  So now I am writing a new script.  It’s time to perform so let’s do this.  Lights, Camera and Action!

I am loving this scene.  Especially the role of the lead character who is overcoming all obstacles and riding off into the sunset with his true love.

Movie star and all around great guy,



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