The View on the way Down

Life is an up and down experience.  You set a goal (or dream) and start climbing.  You take a few steps, gain some momentum.  You get excited looking up at what you’re wanting and push a little harder.  Then finally you get there.  Wow, it’s better than you thought.  You look around, take in the sight, absorb the feeling of accomplishment, then you realize it’s time to move on to the next thing.  You don’t want to go but you have to, life is still moving.  You set another goal, another uphill challenge but before you can start that, you have to come down from where you’re at.  Now feeling a sense of emptiness, whether you want it or not, you’re on the way down.  More turmoil and challenges to deal with.  Anxious to get started on the next goal.  But what about taking your time?  What about seeing the sights on the way?  After all, when coming up all you could think about was getting to the top.  You didn’t take your time to enjoy the scenery, you just gave it your full attention to top.  Hmm…maybe that’s why we have ups and downs.  So we can appreciate the vista as we prepare for the next climb.

Blessed Be




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