What Am I Feeling?

Finding yourself is THE quest.  It is never quite complete.  It is the journey we all take, it is the answer we all seek.  Along the way we discover things about us we didn’t know.  We begin to see others differently, we see who they really are, not the things they do.  We become an entity of observation.  The harsh words and rash actions sting but don’t cause a reaction in us.  We feel it but don’t succumb to it.  What am I feeling?  I am feeling gratitude.  Why?  Because this episode has given me a clue.  A road sign of where I should go.  There are others out there, like me, looking for the chance to share with someone who also has come closer to finding themselves.  What am I feeling?  Love.  For others, but mostly for myself.  For just being.

Blessed Be



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