Cross The Line

We all grow up with limiting beliefs.  Some more than others.  Since 2009 I’ve tried to release my limiting beliefs with a lot of success but one thing I’ve discovered is how many more there are.  Like the proverbial adage “the layers of an onion”, I find one and either dissolve it or shatter it only to find another I didn’t even know existed.  I only discover these beliefs when I come to a situation where I feel comfortable up to a point then get the feeling that there’s that line I dare not cross.  To be perfectly honest I haven’t gotten the courage to cross all of them but the ones I did left me feeling empowered beyond belief.  There is another side, of course, that is the empowering beliefs.  So to relate what I’ve learned, first, get rid of the limiting belief then replace it with an empowering belief.  The difference is simple, limiting beliefs are founded in fear whereas empowering beliefs are founded in knowledge that it is good for you.  So cross the lines, shatter the myths and live free.

Blessed Be,




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