Use Your Mind

I’ve been blessed in so many ways.  When I was young and in school, I discovered a talent for picking up on things quickly but instead of pushing myself just a little bit I learned what I needed to pass the course.  I always had a passing grade usually A’s and B’s, sometimes a C, but I passed.  As an adult I did the same thing, learning quickly how to do things but only applying myself to that level of comfort I always had.  I now know what I missed but am catching up.  Our minds are capable of incredible feats.  We can memorize incredible amounts of information and recall things after years of being unused, we can solve complex problems, we can even create worlds in our imagination and bring them to life.  All it takes is just a desire and commitment.  Use your mind, try learning something new, get excited about life and enjoy all the experiences you can.

Blessed Be,



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