This Magic Moment

As a musician, I can’t help but think of song titles a lot.  I could probably use a song title for every post I write but I try to refrain from the cliches.  However, in this case, it is too dead on.  In fact, my last post was about the wisdom of being aware and it is no coincidence that just hours after writing it I had that magic moment.  The details of it aren’t as important as the timing, meaning, and effects.  Three words from someone at a time when doubt was creeping in turned into a magnificent assurance that I had indeed moved space and time.  The vibration of influence connected and opened a door.  I awoke today feeling the universe moving through me at the speed of light.  I see the auras of the world and people around me.  Once again I am empowered to co create my destiny.

Life and magic is in the moment.  Do not hesitate or think, just do.  See the outcome only and it will be granted.

Blessed Be,


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