The Wisdom of Witches, Magi, and Sorcerers

Throughout the centuries of mankind there have always been those who understood the natural laws of the universe.  Those who understood the relationship between the planets and earth, numbers and events, the synchronicity of life itself.  They’ve been called sorcerers/sorceresses, magi and witches.  Because of their intuitiveness and accuracy they’ve been revered, feared, and prosecuted.  They served as advisers for kings and ordinary people alike.  At one time they even served in the church itself.  The wisdom itself is nothing more than awareness and application.  Noticing the way a bird flies when a storm approaches and remembering the next time.  Mixing herbs and healing a person.  Feeling the ebb and flow of life as the moon phase changes.  Knowing that all have the same ability once they’ve shed their fears and dis empowering beliefs.

It is the focus of the mind to create an outcome with total faith that is the power to do the unimaginable and unbelievable to those who don’t understand.  A suggestion, hint or whisper is all that is needed.

Blessed Be


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