Fear is a Hologram

Have you ever watched a movie where a character seemed real then there’s a glitch and you’re shown that the character isn’t real, it’s a hologram?  That is exactly what fear is.  There is fear of physical harm where we perceive something may happen but it hasn’t.  That’s not always bad, it’s a form of self preservation but it is meant to heighten our awareness of the situation.  I’m really talking about all those mental and emotional fears.  Those fears of what other’s may think of us.  I only have to impress myself.  It doesn’t matter what others may think or say about me.  Even in a relationship, if I love someone, I will do what I want to do for them not because they expect me to do it.  It is the only way to have a pure, unconditional relationship.  As I have come to learn (yes, the hard way), no one can make me happy and I cannot make someone else happy.  That is an individual choice to be.  I can only be grateful for that person and accept them as they are.

We are conditioned to fear many things but when we look at them closely, we find they are not real and the only thing that matters is what we really want and pursue it.


Blessed Be,




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