Do Over

Do you remember as a kid playing games, there was always one (or you) who would always say “Do Over” when it didn’t go as planned?  I sure do and I’ve learned that life does give “Do Overs”.  It isn’t always exactly as before but it never really was as a kid either.  I’ve had a few years to reflect on some things in my past that I want a do over.  Of course I can’t turn back the clock and be twenty or thirty years younger but I can redo my focus on what it was I really wanted in the first place.  For me it’s financial freedom, for others it may that perfect relationship or maybe an experience.  It doesn’t matter what it is, find the thought, then say the words “I am….” whatever it is, then take a step.  Then keep the focus and don’t let the distractions of life deter you.  I can say this because it’s happening to me.

Blessed Be



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