The Illusion of Independence

This post is directly from a dream I had.  I recently took a job as part of a plan to get debt free sooner and become more independent from others in my life.  Everything is on track and will work but the independence from one simply moved to another.  Not for the same thing but as I discovered in my dream, we are all dependent on certain things.  For example, we all are dependent on money to pay for physical needs and experiences.  We are all dependent on some person(s) for cooperation (Boss/coworker, family, partner/spouse, etc.).  We are all dependent on the earth for our environment.  Without any of these, we cease to exist physically, but the sum of it all is really our dependence on the universe (God/Goddess, source, etc.) for how it all happens, and that depends on our vibrational alignment.  So I now understand that independence is an illusion and that my focus is simply on the outcome desired and whatever connections are required will be provided by the universe.

Blessed Be,



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