The Third Eye

Fortunetelling, prophecy, and divination have been sought by many a person since the dawn of time.  Have you ever had a crystal ball or ouija game as a Kid?  It is the allure of mystery when we’re young but as we age into adulthood it is the desire of wanting to know if we’re going to get what we want or what we don’t want.  We all have a third eye, the eye of our soul, that connection to the universal mind but no matter how awakened, conscious, or tuned in to the universe we are, the future is only possibilities.  The first and foremost law of the universe is Free Choice.  We can see the possibilities but the choice can only be made in the present.  When I am asked, “Can you tell me my future?” I have to say no but I can tell you what choices you may face in your journey.  Then I also tell them that they already know that, what they really want is reassurance of a choice they want to make and that is only within them.  It is our choice as to what we do, which way we turn, and what we create.  That is what the third eye really sees.

Blessed Be,



3 thoughts on “The Third Eye

  1. You know at times I think I am psychic ,or have second sight things have happened many times to make me think this and than other times I just don’t know if I am making a judgement on how I feel about another person if they treated me good or bad and than I think wait that’s noy psychic that’s your emotions kicking in.Lately My senses have been week Spirit has let me know I should not do what I am about to do I don’t listen OI go ahead and do it anyway because of bordom and find out I really should have listened.I have been trying to activate my third eye lately ended up falling asleep I can see into the future at times and than you get to make a choice sometimes just what do I do? well one thing is for sure I always make a choice and live with the consequences.Blessed Be…)0(.


      1. Thank you for your comment. I believe you, I and everyone has psychic ability insomuch as we can see the results of a choice made before it manifests. We who have connected with the universe consciously see things that many don’t. We must be aware that when it concerns ourselves, our thoughts, words and actions will either make it so or not. When it is about others, we see the possibility of a manifestation that often occurs. When someone asks for a prediction of what will happen, it may be our words that suggest an outcome that they in fact create simply because we suggested it but that doesn’t take away from our ability to see, it is confirmation that we can see more clearly how the law of attraction works. Keep listening to your intuition, see things how they are and all the possibilities they can be. You are using your third eye, believe in it and know that everything is as it should be and will be.

        Blessed Be,

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