Secret Lives

It is the desire of our purest existence to experience as much as we can.  That includes both good and bad.  Have you ever done something considered “bad” socially but enjoyed it?  I have and it’s caused me to question why.  I have learned about my duality through experiences and thought.  We’ve also seen it in so called celebrities who appear to be happy with fame and fortune yet have an unseen addiction that leads them to rehab and/or death.  So again I ask why?  Fortunately there is a lot of material devoted on the subject, most of which is just inane blaming of family values, social responsibility and personal willpower.  There are a few wise ones who see it not as a problem but simply our spiritual desire for risk.  Because risk heightens emotion.  That also explains why we are different when we are alone.  We are bombarded with social expectations when with others but alone we can think, say, or do whatever without judgement.  Whether my secret life is visible or just in my mind doesn’t matter, it is there and I accept it gladly.

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust,



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