Each morning when I wake, I write down my dream(s).  I don’t always remember them but there is always a feeling from them.  I try to understand them as best I can but with all I’ve read about dreams it can be a challenge.  Some dream in black and white, some in color. I’ve also read that our spirits may journey to other dimensions when we sleep.  I have noticed a pattern of recurring dreams.  While they are vivid when having them my memory of them gets a little blurry except for the feeling.  In my recurring dreams the scenario is consistent.  I am always trying to get somewhere.  I don’t know exactly where but I am on the move.  Sometimes alone but mostly with others.  I move through cities and towns and even a place that resembles a mall.  While I don’t have the answer yet, I believe there is more in the journey itself than in the destination.  Each night as I put myself in an alpha state to sleep I look for the chance to go back and discover my connection to the journey, whether it is a from a memory of the past, present or future, or another dimension in the universe.

Blessed Be,




2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. What if u do remember ur dreams tht night. Every night. Ever since u an remember. They aren’t the same dream. Just random or related to my life. But I never hve a dreamless night. Is tht weird? Or bad?


    1. Do you keep a journal? If so, look for patterns. Are they vivid? Are they in color? What senses do you have in the dream? Such as sight, feel, smell or hearing. Look for any common thread. Many times the same message is there hidden in the things we can physically relate to. In any case it is not weird or bad, you have a gift so milk it and enjoy it. Try dreaming on purpose, pick a subject in your life and build a dream around it. I do this often and it is funny how I start the dream and how it ends up after taking over.

      Blessed Be,

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