Giving vs. Sacrificing

Another A-Ha moment for me.  In my readings I’ve now come to understand how perspective makes a difference.  One of my favorite authors and entrepreneur, Vishen Lakhiani, aptly describes what he calls brules (BS Rules).  We’ve all heard the adages like “Give till it hurts”, or “You have to give to get”.  These type of thoughts keep us from our truest selves.  First of all, the choice to give out of love and enjoyment is the only way to give.  Giving should never be a sacrifice, but simply a choice to share our abundance with others.  Being selfish is good.  I cannot share what I don’t have.  As I feel I have more than enough of whatever it may be, time, money, or knowledge, I can then share freely and joyously.  I now know it’s ok to say no to those who want to suck the energy from me because they haven’t seen their own ability to get what they want.  It’s ok for me to release people in my life who believe that I can somehow solve their problems.  Most important is now I can feel good about being myself with the choices I make to attain my own dreams.

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust,


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