How Do I Feel?

I woke this morning and felt good.  I slept sound and had lucid dreams.  Of course I tried To remember them and write them in my journal but was interrupted and forgot the details.  I was discouraged but nevertheless moved on.  Time to meditate, but alas another interruption.  I don’t understand but I continue to move on.  How can I plan a perfect day and it be interrupted?  It appears as though my feelings and thoughts aren’t in alignment.  But I work so hard to align them or do I?  The question has the answer.  I can’t WORK on them.  Work is toil, something we feel we need to do in order to survive.  I know in my mind that feelings are for guidance and simply show us if we are allowing or resisting, am I really resisting?  If so, what am I resisting?  As I write this it becomes a little clearer.  Ah, yes, there it is. The peaceful bliss I desired as I complete my morning ritual.   The writing in the journal is now done as is the meditation.  I feel better.  That is the simple step to take, feel better.

Blessed Be,




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