When in Doubt…Party

I have become aware of many things over the past few years.  While it is always good to learn, sometimes we learn too much too soon and get overwhelmed in thoughts.  Recently, I found myself going back and forth with my “inner” dialogue.  Much of this “inner discussion revolved around when to act versus allowing and what to do.  After much torment, it came to me.  The big revelation was…(drumroll)………….. PARTY!  Yeah, I know, I thought I was losing it too, but then it started to make sense.  When we over analyze and stress about decisions, we interfere with our own success.  When we let it go and forget about it, we either see the answer or realize it wasn’t the right thing anyway.  So take a tip from me and the next time you’re struggling, turn up the music, drink some wine and dance till the sun comes up.

P.S. It’s also good when you do it with your friends, real or imaginary.



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