Dig Deeper

I am so grateful for the opportunity to write in this blog.  It is here I am able to give attention to things on my mind and share them.  I also make new and startling discoveries about myself.  I decide what I want, I get clear and envision it and then allow for it to happen.  Problem is it’s never quite what I envisioned. Why?  I’m doing it right aren’t I?  A-HA moment.  Am I seeing what I really want?  After all, I pictured a BMW, but got a Dodge Neon.  Could it be that all I really wanted was a new car?  Or did the universe give me what I am capable of owning at this moment?  Either way, I did get what I wanted, a new car within my financial means.  The BMW will come, the universe just isn’t done, it is still moving everything to meet my desires at the right time.  Once again I learn, when desiring something, dig a little deeper and see what’s there.  Maybe I’ll see the real desire.

Blessed Be,



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