Heal Thyself

For practitioners of Wicca, Samhain (Oct. 31) is New Year’s eve.  With only two days to go it is the time to prepare ourselves.  The reason for celebrating a new year is simple, it is viewed as the opportunity for a new start in life.  It doesn’t matter what religion, culture or belief, or when it is celebrated, New Year represents the same basic hope for everyone, that things will be better.  But if we don’t resolve what is in us, it just carries over and the cycle goes on.  If we want to truly start anew we must address those feelings and thoughts that linger within us.  We must truly forgive ourselves and others.  We must bring our attention to the present.  We must heal ourselves, then and only then, we can plant the seeds of prosperity with gratitude, health with commitment, and unconditional love with expectation.

The Wheel of Life is eternal.




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