Incense and Candles

The rain is falling outside my window.  It has been raining all night.  The air is crisp and cool.  On the radio I have the sounds of nature playing.  I light the incense and candles and prepare for my meditation.  Thoughts of the day ahead try to weave their way into my space, I let them float away.  I am connected with all there is, the universe.  There is no time, only being.  A familiar spirit invites me with a gesture to another world where happiness is everywhere, in everyone.  There is a field of white and gold daisies.  Tall blades of grass.  A perfect lone tree with its branches full with green leaves sitting upon a hill.  The sky is light blue with no clouds.  The familiar spirit doesn’t speak but exchanges thoughts with me.  I ask why am I here?  The answer I already knew, to remind me of who I really am.

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust,




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