The very word causes our spines to tingle, our hearts to beat faster and our minds to explode with images of those things we aren’t supposed to want.  Why?  After all, what’s taboo to one may not be to another.  There are of course the social taboos and the personal taboos.  But what makes them so tantalizing?  What if they weren’t taboo but accepted as normal behavior?  I’m not talking about crimes or harming anyone.  I’m talking about relationships and personal behavior.  For the past 100 yrs, there have been many taboos dissolved.  Everything from women’s rights, civil rights, and LGTB rights.  All were once taboo socially.  However, for many, these still remain personal taboos.  Once awakened, we understand the freedom to do what we are spiritually urged to do.  It is only an experience that we may choose.  Let go of the taboos and follow your spirit.  There’s a reason for the attraction to a taboo.  Either live it or let it go without judgement.



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