I’m looking at the clock.  It’s only been five minutes since the last time I looked.  Why is it taking so long?I’ve done everything I’m supposed to.  I had a thought, I visualized it with emotion, I took the action to bring it about but it’s not here.  I give up, I’m going to do something else.  I forget about my big dream for the moment.  I am now wrapped in some menial task thinking about what to have for dinner.  Should I fix chicken or pork chops?  How about a salad and green beans to go with it.  The phone rings, I answer it. A-HA, the next step.  My faith is renewed, my spirit is soaring.  It’s all in the journey.

Lesson for me – Let it go.  When bringing about a new reality, think it, see it, take a step, then let it go.  Anticipation is supposed to be quiet and in the back of your mind, not to be consumed by.

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust,




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