Weathering the Storms

We encounter many storms in our lives.  I’m in the middle of one right now.  It’s easy to say “I wish I didn’t make that choice that led me to this,” but I made that choice to get to what’s on the other side of the storm.  So now another choice is presented.  I could go back to where I was safe and continue the loop of wanting, starting then stopping, all out of fear, or I can weather the storm, looking for the other side where my current desires await fulfillment.  Weathering a storm doesn’t mean that I won’t feel it’s fury or suffer some.  In fact, I will experience pain and have scars but on the other side I will experience the glory of achievement.  In time, I will mend and see the necessity of what I’ve gone through.  This time I choose to weather the storm, reach the other side and find my next journey.

On The High Seas of Life,




2 thoughts on “Weathering the Storms

  1. I learned about weathering the storm recently. I was with my ex for two years on and off. We broke up four times. I always crawled back to him. Then I had an epiphany that his role in my life was over and I had to accept that. Now im still trying to endure the pain. God must have gotten him out of my life to make room for someone better.


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