I Planted a Seed

I planted a seed in the ground and walked away.  I didn’t know what kind of seed it was. I checked it often to see if it would grow.  I didn’t see anything and soon forgot about it until one day I noticed a small sprout out of the ground.  Encouraged I began to tend to it, but again I didn’t really see any changes so I forgot about it again.  After many years I came upon a large bush.  I realized it was from the seed I had planted.  I didn’t need to do anything as nature had always been taking care of it.  Even though it was wild and out of place with the other flora, there it was.

The seed was a thought.  The ground was my mind.  The universe has taken that thought and brought it forth into existence.

Take note of all the seeds you’ve planted and see the wonder already in your life.

Blessed Be



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