Picture yourself a miner searching for gold.  You have a clear vision of gold, its color, texture and how to test it.  You gather your tools and head to the location you believe the gold is at.  Upon arriving, you immediately start digging, using your pick ax, shovel and other tools.  Day in and day out you keep digging, this spot or that.  And Eureka, you strike something hard.  You just know this is it, the mother lode.  You dig it up gently, wash off the dirt and uh oh.  It’s not gold, it is a diamond.  You set out to find gold.  You prepared yourself, mentally, physically and emotionally for that moment when you find gold.  Instead, you found a diamond, a huge diamond worth more that all the gold that could be in the mountain.  Do you; Leave it there and keep digging for gold?  Take the diamond, cash it in and try to live on the money the rest of your life? or do you cash the diamond and allow yourself to find another dream?

This is life.  Find your vision, search for it, be open to the changes that may happen because you might find something better that what you originally wanted.  NEVER STOP, there is no retirement, no such thing as doing nothing.  Simply keep doing what you love to do until it’s time to cross over to the next adventure.



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