Take a Break from the World

We live in a wondrous age of technology.  Being born in the 50’s, I’ve been able to witness the evolution of communication through this technology.  From watching black and white TV with only 4 channels as a child to high definition color TV with hundreds of possible channels.  I’ve seen computers go from the size of a room using teletype to interface with it, to laptops and notebooks you can carry around.  And of course phones go from rotary dial to smartphones where you can access the internet.  We are connected to everyone, everywhere and they to us.  As wonderful as it all is, there can be a heavy price to pay.  The obvious is the hackers who use this same technology to steal money, information and identities.  There is another price if we don’t take care, losing ourselves.  We no longer are an individual independent with our own thoughts, we become what we see, hear and dwell on.  We need to take a break, turn off the technology and go into the beautiful world as ourselves. By doing so we can heal ourselves, find our purpose, and help raise the consciousness of man.  There is no right or wrong except for those values we want to have.  The solution is always Love and Peace.  When we focus on that, everything is perfect.

Blessed Be,



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