Whether it is people, media (TV,phone,computer,etc…) or events, we all have distractions in our lives.  Distractions are always a sign of something.  I believe that too often we allow ourselves to become rapt in the distraction itself and lose sight of what it means.  I’ve found myself allowing distractions to pull me from what I want most.  I also know why.  Fear.  We become comfortable with distractions, especially when it is someone we care about or that show we’re hooked on.  The sign is so obvious, to let go and get back to our real journey but that would be too uncomfortable or too risky.  The recognition of it is the first step, I got that.  The second is where it gets tricky.  How do I tell a family member that I don’t want to do something for them or how do I change the habit of watching that show or playing that game when it feels so good.  If I can do one little thing each day toward the change, the rest will fall into place or so I hope.  This is my greatest challenge and today I take one more little step.

Blessed Be



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